Child Health

School-age vaccinations

School-age vaccination providers are working to restore vaccination programmes, in line with local needs and arrangements. Young people will receive their vaccinations either in school premises or community clinics. Plans are being developed to use the summer breaks to catch up on the backlog from the 2019/20 school year, and any outstanding immunisations will be delivered during the 2020/21 school year.

Website: NHS Berkshire Health Care: Immunisations

CAMHS – NHS's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

This site is full of helpful resources for young people, carers and professionals to help them manage mental health and well-being issues.


Identifying Children with Special Educational Needs and extra support:

Please see links below to the sections of the Berkshire Health Care Website for Support, advice and information on the referral process:

Mental and Emotional Health
Website: Berkshire Health Care: Mental and Emotional Health

Communication and Hearing
Website: Berkshire Health Care: Communication and Hearing

Developing Independence
Website: Berkshire Health Care: Developing Independence

Gross Motor Skills
Website: Berkshire Health Care: Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills
Website: Berkshire Health Care: Fine Motor Skill

Feeding and Toilet Training
Website: Berkshire Health Care: Feeding and Toilet Training

Physical Health and Illness
Website: Berkshire Health Care: Physical Health and Illness

Sensory Processing
Website: Berkshire Health Care: Sensory Processing

ARC Information and Counselling Service

ARC Information and Counselling Service is a free and confidential counselling service supporting children, young people and adults when they are struggling to cope with a life changing situation or emotional problem.

For an ARC-funded set of counselling sessions located at Brookside Group Practice, please contact the ARC office.



Berkshire Child Health app

Get tips on how to manage common ailments, such as coughs, sore throats and teething and advice on when and where to seek help from a healthcare professional.

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Website: Berkshire West CCG: Child Health App Information

Children and Young people with additional needs

Children and young people with special needs and disabilities are now able to access a range of help and support available locally.

The following links provide more information and support.

Website: Wokingham Gov: Local offer for children and young people


Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral infection that can affect young children.

Website: NHS UK: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Health Visitors

NHS Berkshire works with parents and carers offering professional support and advice about the health and development of young children.

Website: Berkshire Healthcare: Health Visitors

Middle Ear Infection

This information will help you understand what to expect from acute otitis media (ear infection) and what to do if you become concerned.

Leaflet: Middle Ear Infection Fact Sheet

Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Slapped cheek syndrome is a viral infection that’s most common in children, It usually causes a bright red rash to develop on the cheeks.

Website: NHS UK: Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Berkshire Health - Children and Young People Services

Please see the following organisations who provide mental health services to children and young people:

AnDY Clinic

Time 2 Talk


Integrated Therapies

Babies and Child Health Advice

This leaflet from the Safeguarding Children Partnership covers all sort of helpful information for parents like how to calm a crying baby, keeping your child safe at home and safer sleeping advice.

Leaflet: Berkshire West: Babies and Children Safety Messages

Brighter Futures for Children

Brighter futures For Children is a local non-profit organisation aimed at helping children and young people have a happy, healthy and successful life. They help families with a whole range of issues including social care, early help & prevention and education services (including SEND). This also includes fostering and adoption, the Youth Offending Service and traded services with schools.

Facebook: @BFfCChild

Twitter: @BFfC_Child

Telephone: 0118 937 3641



Child and Family Health during Coronavirus

Guidance on what to do when your family member is unwell during this pandemic.

Leaflet: Advice for Parents during Coronavirus

Blood Tests

Children under 16-years-old, and those with special needs, can be seen at The Royal Berkshire Hospital Kempton Day Bed Unit (Level 3 Centre Block) and the Children’s Clinic (Level 1 South Block). Neither offer a walk-in service so appointments will need to be made in advance.

Children’s blood tests are also available at The West Berkshire Community Hospital in Thatcham or the Royal Berkshire Bracknell Healthspace which also offers a walk-in service.

Children aged over 12 can also attend the walk-in clinic held at Chalfont Surgery most Wednesday mornings, 7-10:30am, or you can book an appointment with one of our nurses. The blood test form must have been issued in advance by a doctor.

We recommend that children up to the age of 16 use EMLA cream, applied to both arms before their blood test. This can be purchase over the counter at most chemists.

Leaflet: NHS Berkshire: Where can I have my child’s blood test taken?

Chicken Pox

Chickenpox is a mild and common childhood illness that most children catch at some point.


Fever in Children

A fever is a high temperature. As a general rule, in children, a temperature of over 37.5C (99.5F) is a fever.

Website: NHS UK: Fever in Children


Head lice are tiny insects that live in human hair. They’re particularly common in children.

Website: NHS UK: Headlice

New Baby Guide

Being a new parent can be a daunting time and you are bound to have lots of questions. There is lots of useful information and resources available that cover everything from soothing a crying baby to feeding advice.

Start for Life website:

Contact your Health Visitors:

NHS Guidance: NHS UK: Being a Parent

Breastfeeding Guidance: Royal Berkshire NHS: Infant Feeding

NHS Vaccination Schedule

Website: NHS UK: Vaccination Schedule

Common Childhood Conditions

From warts and measles to chickenpox and tonsillitis, find out how to recognise some of the most common childhood conditions.

Website: NHS UK: Childhood Illness Tool