Community Support

Refer to Health & Wellbeing Advisor

If you have already discussed this with one of our clinical team, please submit our online Health and Wellbeing Referral Request form.

Thames Water Priority Services For Vulnerable Patients

Thames Water offer help and assistance to vulnerable customers during a water supply interruption. Not sure if you qualify as vulnerable customer?

Website: Thames Water: Priority Services

Wokingham Community Services

Here you’ll find helpful information and resources for those needing advice about care and support for adults in their local community.

Website: Wokingham Gov: Community Directory

Contact The Elderly

Do you know any older people in Wokingham who are dealing with loneliness and social isolation? There is a group of wonderful, committed volunteers in Wokingham who, once a month on a Sunday afternoon, arrange for volunteer drivers to take their older guests to a volunteer host’s home where they join a small group for tea, talk and companionship.

Telephone: 0800 716543


Community Navigators

Community Navigators are local volunteers who help people find their way to activities, services or organisations which they would enjoy, find useful or benefit from within the local community. The service is for any age within the Wokingham Borough and people can access the service through a referral – either from a GP, social worker, family member or a self-referral

Telephone: 01344 304404

Website: Involve: Community Navigation

Please also use our online Health and Wellbeing Referral Request form.

Wokingham Borough Council – Council Tax Advice

Wokingham Borough Council and Citizens Advice are working together to provide support and financial advice for those who are struggling to meet their financial obligations.

If you feel you could benefit from some help and advice, contact